Framingham, MA – Mayor-elect Charlie Sisitsky has formed his Transition Team. The subcommittees listed below represent a broad spectrum of local leaders throughout the community. Nearly 60 members have been invited to join the nine subcommittees, which have been organized to help guide his administration.   

“I am anticipating a wide-range of thoughts and ideas to consider as I look to move the City forward. This group of committed volunteers has the talent and expertise that we need to have a successful transition,” said Mayor-elect Sisitsky.

1.) Intergovernmental Affairs 

  • Representative Jack Patrick Lewis, Co-chair 
  • Representative Maria Robinson, Co-chair 
  • Janet Leombruno 
  • Mary Wu McGuire  
  • Phil Ottaviani

2.) Diversity Equity Inclusion 

  • Ricky Finlay, Co-chair 
  • Sheryl Goldstein, Co-chair 
  • Noval Alexander 
  • Liz Garrigan-Byerly 
  • Whitney Retallic  
  • Priscila Sousa 
  • Carlos Valadares

3.) Environment 

  • Ron Chick, Co-chair 
  • Aimee Powelka, Co-chair 
  • Judy Grove
  • Isabella Petroni 
  • Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson 
  • Luciana Soares 
  • Ken Weiss

4.) Seniors 

  • Clyde Dottin, Co-chair 
  • Jen Rich, Co-chair 
  • Pat Dunne 
  • Doug Stephan

5.) Recreation/Cultural Affairs 

  • Mike Bower, Co-chair 
  • Donna Wresinski, Co-chair 
  • Rabbi Sam Blumberg 
  • David Hornfischer  
  • Rick MacPherson 
  • Mauricio Perea 
  • Mike Spring 
  • Glaucia de Souza

6.) Health 

  • Nicole Doak, Co-chair 
  • Shivang Patel, Co-chair 
  • Marty Cohen 
  • Anna Cross 
  • Brian Li 
  • Dr. Milagros Abreu  
  • Dave Miles 
  • Evelyne Philitas

7.) Operations/Personnel 

  • George King, Co-chair 
  • Nancy Novo O’Connor, Co-chair 
  • Dennis Giombetti 
  • Susan Nicholl  
  • Adam Sisitsky

8.) Education 

  • Adam Freudberg, Co-chair 
  • Sarah Guernsey, Co-chair 
  • Geoff Epstein 
  • Gen Greci 
  • Donna Kilcoyne Orthoefer 
  • Robin Welch

9.) Economic Development 

  • Rick Anketell, Co-chair 
  • Kristina Johnson, Co-chair  
  • Dennis Cardiff 
  • Rob Cohen 
  • Andrea Dunne Adrian 
  • Maureen Dunne 
  • Rick McKenna 
  • Angela Randolph 
  • Brandale Randolph 
  • Cheryl Tully Stoll

Charlie has selected Cathy Miles (Co-founder of Framingham FORCE), who worked on his campaign, to serve as the Chair of the Transition Committee. “I am excited to hear from such a diverse group of people to help Mayor-elect Sisitsky position Framingham for a positive future,” she said.   

Mayor-elect Sisitsky has also appointed Laurie Jeanne Carroll to serve as chair of the 2022 Inaugural Committee, which will plan the ceremony and associated activities to take place on January 1, 2022. 

“We look forward to presenting an inauguration that will honor our community’s traditions and affirm our new Mayor’s goal of collaboration and inclusivity. We are mindful of the continued public health concerns and committed to creating an event to celebrate Framingham while keeping people safe,” said Committee Chair Carroll. “The Inaugural Committee will announce further details in the coming days and weeks.” 

Want to learn more? You can reach the Sisitsky Committee by emailing CharlieForFramingham@gmail.comCharlie is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Please take a moment to “Like” or “Follow”.