Framingham, MA – Mayor-elect Charlie Sisitsky has announced the assembly of his transition team while preparing to enter City Hall on January 1st. The transition team is built around nine subcommittees consisting of nearly 50 members which will be populated soon to help define his administration.

The transition team’s volunteer members, committee co-chairs and steering committee members will work together to interview stakeholders and determine priorities in each of the main areas of policy. In the near future, the subcommittees will recommend short- term and long-term actions for the administration to take during Charlie’s first term in office.

“The transition committee members come from every slice of civic life—business and labor, science and the arts, clergy and grassroots; their perspective and contributions will prove invaluable,” said Mayor-elect Sisitsky. “I have confidence in this team and look forward to working closely with them in the coming weeks as we build a new way forward for Framingham.”

Cathy Miles (Co-founder of Framingham FORCE/ community advocate), who worked on Mayor-elect Sisitsky’s campaign, will serve as the Chair of the Transition Committee.

“I am beyond honored to Chair the Transition Committee for a Mayor-elect who is so committed to a complete transformation of the City of Framingham into a prosperous community for all,” Cathy Miles said. “The transition team will play a major role in shaping the priorities for the new administration. Charlie has been very direct in acknowledging that all voices need to be heard and his collaborative management style is a refreshing change.”

The committees will meet with subject-matter experts, current and former city government personnel, residents and other stakeholders in the coming weeks. The proposals they generate will be pursued by Mayor-Elect Sisitsky in his first term.

The nine subcommittees are organized around the following areas of focus and the co-chairs have extensive expertise and experience in their respective assignments:

1.) Intergovernmental Affairs

▫ Representative Jack Patrick Lewis, Co-chair
▫ Representative Maria Robinson, Co-chair

2.) Diversity Equity Inclusion

▫ Ricky Finlay, Co-chair
▫ Sheryl Goldstein, Co-chair

3.) Environment

▫ Ron Chick, Co-chair
▫ Aimee Powelka, Co-chair

4.) Seniors

▫ Jen Rich, Co-chair
▫ Clyde Dottin, Co-chair

5.) Recreation/Cultural Affairs

▫ Mike Bower, Co-chair
▫ Donna Wresinski, Co-chair

6.) Health

▫ Shivang Patel, Co-chair
▫ Nicole Doak, Co-chair

7.) Operations/Personnel

▫  George King, Co-chair
▫  Nancy Novo O’Connor, Co-chair

8.) Education

▫  Adam Freudberg, Co-chair
▫  Sarah Guernsey, Co-chair

9.) Economic Development

▫  Rick Anketell, Co-chair
▫  Kristina Johnson, Co-chair

The transition subcommittees will focus on recommending proposals and policies to transform city government from top to bottom, and ensure functioning, equitable, and efficient operations for all of Framingham’s residents.