“Our decision to support Charlie Sisitsky came very easily. For years, he has been a tireless champion for revitalizing the City of Framingham and promoting the sort of economic growth that has a positive impact on all of our residents’ lives, business and community partners alike.”
Rick Anketell
Business Representative for Carpenters Local 336
"Framingham Friends! Please join me in voting to elect Charlie Sisitsky Mayor of Framingham on November 2nd. Charlie has been a strong advocate for the Framingham Public Schools for decades. Charlie walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to our kids and our schools. During my five years on the School Committee, and especially during my year as Chair, Charlie and his Board of Selectman colleagues were always there to support our schools. Charlie’s professional experience made him the ideal candidate to lead the Fuller Middle School construction project. I am confident Charlie will fulfill his role as an ex officio member of the School Committee as a partner with our School Committee team. He will attend the meetings and support the contracts that he and the board negotiate. No more absentee leadership for our schools from the Mayors office. Collaboration. Communication. Common sense leadership. Charlie will bring these qualities to to office of Mayor. Qualities that have been sorely lacking for the past four years."
Mike Bower
Proud past member of Framingham Board of Selectmen ​
“I know that with Charlie as Mayor, our municipal government will operate more respectfully and collaboratively because that’s the tone and approach he has always taken in his many years of civic leadership. Charlie is committed to building an inclusive and welcoming community that celebrates Framingham’s diversity and I am proud to support him for Mayor. I’m with Charlie!”
Robert D. Case
Framingham City Councilor, District 5
“Long before there was any fanfare or publicity around it, Charlie worked tirelessly to help get Hoops and Homework off the ground by building the coalitions necessary to get the resources and attention we needed to make this project work. His actions have repeatedly proven his commitment to making lives better for the less-privileged kids in our community.”
Herb Chasan
Founder of Hoops and Homework
“The biggest surprise in the last four years has been the Mayor’s failure to come to grips with the realities of school district funding, school building maintenance and even the future of our students. On all three fronts, the Mayor has made things seriously worse. She choked off funds for the schools operating budget, attempted to divert state aid from the schools, spread misinformation that the schools budget was unsustainable, underfunded the schools capital budget, and displayed almost no interest in expanding solar installations. We now have a schools FY22 budget propped up by $4.4 million of non-recurring reserves, $60 million of imminent roof replacements with no plan or funding and have passed up $500,000 in annual utility solar savings opportunities. No city can afford another four years of such unmitigated failure. Charlie has the track record, experience and the personal skills to turn things completely around. Vote Charlie for Mayor!”
Geoffrey Epstein
District 6 Framingham School Committee Member
“Charlie has been a tireless and consistent supporter of Framingham’s youth, and youth athletics in particular. He fought to include two new turf fields in the Fuller project – something that our community was sorely lacking, and he still made sure the project was on-time and on-budget. I know that as next Mayor, Charlie will be a true champion for our schools.”
Kate Farese
Parent of FPS students, District 3
“Charlie is always kind, giving, and tireless when it comes to working on projects that help provide a safety net for the community. Whether it is his work on the new Fuller school, leading the way to make Village Hall become ADA accessible, or collaborating to honor those who have served with the Veterans Memorial Park Revitalization project, Charlie has consistently shown his skills to make anything he touches more strategic, more equitable, and better for Framingham. I am honored to support him in his campaign to be the next Mayor of Framingham. I’m with Charlie!”
Ricky Finlay
District 2 School Committee Member & Parent
"Charlie will reverse the current administration’s repeated efforts to chronically reduce education funding and will work collaboratively with the School Committee and Superintendent. As the first Chair of the Fuller School Building Committee, long-time school advocate and former PTO parent with three grandchildren currently in our public schools, he’s a proven leader who will be the detail oriented, collaborative, and compassionate leader we need to support our City’s public school students and educators. Join me in voting for education by voting for Charlie on November 2nd.”
Adam Freudberg
Chair, Framingham School Committee & Parent
"I have had the privilege of working with Charlie Sisitsky for many years on the Board of Selectmen and on the very first City Council. Having a front row seat, I have watched Charlie in action. He is a wonderful communicator, collaborator and listener. He works very hard to build relationships and to find consensus in order to get things done. He is a doer, not a talker. Charlie is the right person at the right time to be our next Mayor. For these reasons as well as many others, I am with Charlie."
Dennis Giombetti
Proud past member of Framingham Board of Selectmen & first City Council Chairman
"As Framingham’s very first District 8 City Councilor and as a long-time Town Meeting Member before that, I’ve had the pleasure of working firsthand with Charlie on countless local issues. As someone who’s a passionate and dedicated neighborhood and environmental justice advocate, I know that he is best choice to be our next Mayor. He cares about the things most important to me in our community and he’s willing to do the hard work to get the job done. I’m with Charlie!"
Judy Grove
Proud past Framingham District 8 City Councilor & Town Meeting Member
"A project like the new Fuller Middle School doesn’t happen overnight. It was years in the making. It took several attempts to get the grant approved to fund this project. Charlie was one of those people who didn’t give up on Fuller. As a newcomer to the political scene in Framingham, I knew that this project was special. Charlie was a guiding voice that helped us get to the successful “Yes for Fuller” vote and completed project. Now that Fuller Middle School is open, it is more than a building, it is an example of how when people work together something so vital to the community can happen. I believe Charlie can guide Framingham to other successes as the Mayor. I am saying “Yes” to Charlie.”
Donna Kilcoyne-Orthoefer
Chair of the 'Yes for Fuller' Committee
“I want a Mayor who dares to care for our kids enough to get the school roofs fixed so roofs are no longer leaking in the schools. We need strategic planning and collaboration to get this done. Charlie as a DPW leader and financial manager knows how to help solve this problem. I look forward to voting for Charlie and working with him to improve all schools.”
William LaBarge
District 9 School Committee Member
“As a Selectman for ten years, I’m especially proud of my work preserving open space, and helping to open the Aqueduct Trails in our community. While also a Selectman, Charlie actively shared and supported my commitment to these efforts, and as Mayor, he’ll be a leader on the many neighborhood and environmental issues that matter most to families making Framingham their home.“
Laurie Lee
Proud past member of Framingham Board of Selectmen
“Charlie has the experience and proven track record in community development to jumpstart our City’s failing economic development office and make sure that our local businesses are part of a collaborative and comprehensive strategic pandemic economic recovery plan that benefits our entire community.”
Janet Leombruno
City Councilor At-Large & Framingham Business Association member
“More than 12,000 members of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) are proud to endorse Charlie Sisitsky to be Framingham’s next mayor. We are excited to endorse a mayoral candidate who is proud to support local firefighters and who understands how vital public safety is to the City of Framingham. Charlie Sisitsky values relationships with all community groups and brings a pragmatic approach to local government. We look forward to his leadership as the next Mayor of Framingham.”
Rich MacKinnon Jr.
President, PFFM
“I’ve served in Framingham Government for many years in many roles: as Town Clerk, as Town Manager, and, for the last four years as an At-Large City Councilor, representing all of Framingham’s diverse neighborhoods. Unprecedented mismanagement at City Hall has left me more concerned than ever before about the course of City affairs and the prospects for our schools, residential taxpayers, local businesses, water and sewer ratepayers and anyone else with a vested interest in the financial well-being of our community. Now, more than ever, we need a new Chief Executive in the Mayor’s Office who understands municipal finance and who will work collaboratively with our City’s many elected and volunteer boards, businesses and non-profits alike. Charlie Sisitsky has both the right experience and the right attitude to turn things around for Framingham. I know what’s at stake in November, and I’m with Charlie.”
George P. King, Jr.
Framingham City Council, Chair
“Charlie is gathering a diverse coalition not only to win, but to move our families, our schools, our businesses and our community forward. Charlie has experience serving Framingham, collaborating with staff and elected leaders. Charlie has the financial acumen to responsibly and effectively manage and balance the needs and resources of our City. Most importantly, he has the background and expertise to - on day one - get to work to focus on Framingham. I'm with Charlie!"
Jack Patrick Lewis
Framingham State Representative
“As a parent and elected School Committee member committed to supporting public education and investing in our children’s future, I know there is no better choice for Mayor than Charlie. Charlie shares my family’s values, and will bring his knowledge, experience and leadership to the many tasks ahead. I'm with Charlie!”
Tiffanie Maskell
District 7 Framingham School Committee Member & Parent
“Charlie recognizes the importance of dealing with the Opioid Epidemic, and how it is impacted by homelessness, mental health challenges, COVID-19, stigma and so much more. He is ready to bring all stakeholders to the table to work collaboratively to improve the quality of life for everyone. I’m with Charlie."
Cathy Miles
Framingham Community Advocate
“As Framingham’s first woman Town Clerk, and as an elected Selectman for years before that, I’ve been a part of Framingham’s civic affairs for most of my adult life. I always took pride in working in municipal governments that helped solve problems and serve the needs of the greater community. Now, as a proud grandmother, watching my sons raise their own children here in Framingham, I see how badly we need a leader at City Hall that can govern collaboratively, respectfully AND effectively. Having worked with Charlie on so many community projects over the years, I can say without question, that he is the right person for the job of Mayor, right now. I’m with Charlie!”
Valerie Mulvey
Longtime Framingham City Clerk
“Charlie has been just as strong an advocate for the kids in my neighborhood as he has been for his own. These are kids who our City has too often ignored and left behind, but Charlie has shown he cares and will fight for their future. With Charlie, it’s not just talk – it’s action and results. I'm with Charlie!”
Evelyne Philitas-Forku
Parent, District 9
“Charlie will help re-focus City Hall on the urgent need for real efforts to protect the environment and further sustainability. He helped bring solar to the new Fuller Middle School, he launched curbside recycling in Natick as Director of their Department of Public Works, and he is committed to making our municipal operations greener today and for future generations.”
Maria Robinson
Framingham State Representative
“We are proud to support a candidate with such an extensive knowledge of Framingham. Charlie knows the value of firefighters and the risks we take to keep our community safe. We’re proud to endorse him to be the next mayor of Framingham. We agree wholeheartedly with Charlie’s vision for education, the environment, public safety, our seniors and infrastructure improvements, which all require urgent attention. We need a mayor who will truly listen to the needs of their constituents and make every effort to move Framingham forward."
Andrew Rokes
IAFF Local 1652 President
“Framingham’s diversity means diverse issues and opportunities. I know I can trust Charlie to work with other elected officials in order to make decisions based on the needs of ALL our city’s children. I support Charlie not because he’s the candidate with all the answers, but because he’s the candidate that will provide space for collaboration for concrete and sustainable solutions to our most pressing issues. He’ll be a Mayor that listens and leads respectfully and collaboratively to advance the dual goals of greater equity and achievement in public education. He has the right approach and the right experience for the job now. I’m with Charlie.” ​
Priscila Sousa
District 5 School Committee Member
"Charlie really gave me the much-needed confidence as Executive Director of Downtown Framingham, Inc. – he applauded my very first newsletter in April 2017 that highlighted all the hard work happening every day by our business community. That same month, he also attended the very first Taste of Downtown Framingham, and he told me that he loved it afterwards. That really meant a lot to me as I was beginning my journey of building community pride. Charlie endorsed the newly opened Franklin Street Cafe at a July 2019 City Council meeting, exclaiming that it was a first class place! Charlie was also incredibly instrumental in pushing forward the sidewalk usage ordinance in late 2019 that finally permitted downtown restaurants to install sidewalk cafes. We didn't know it at the time, but this ordinance provided critical relief when the global pandemic started in early 2020. I've always enjoyed Charlie's positive, can-do attitude that never let hyper-specific politics interfere with implementing much-needed and widely supported community improvements. I'm sure he will motivate and encourage his staff in the same way that he gave me the needed confidence to work in the sometimes challenging field of community and economic development."
Courtney Thraen
Former Executive Director of Downtown Framingham, Inc.
“I know our government is not doing its job right when I see so many voices going unheard. I will always continue to serve and fight for the community in any way I can. For now, I hope to do so by working with Charlie Sisitsky to help the business community downtown. I met with him to discuss the issues and I believe that he is the right person for the job. I am confident that Charlie will work to give more voice to the people of Framingham and address the problems affecting our downtown and school systems. Though I would like to still be in the race, I eagerly look forward to getting back to what makes me happy, directly serving the community."
Carlos Valadares
Local Framingham Businessman