Charlie speaking at Old Village Hall

On Sunday, May 23, 2021, Charlie Sisitsky, an accomplished municipal executive, announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Framingham. Laying out a platform based on making forward progress and increasing support in the areas of Education, Environment, Seniors, Pandemic Recovery, and Better Government and Civic Engagement, Charlie cites a dire need for strategic planning, common sense governance, and continuous improvement throughout all critical areas of City operations. Charlie is ready and excited to talk with residents and seek feedback about his vision and plans in his pursuit to become the next Mayor of Framingham.

“In both my professional life and in public service – I’ve worked to build bridges – literally and figuratively”, said Charlie Sisitsky. “If there’s one thing the past four years here in Framingham has taught us, we need public officials that do a better job of working together for the benefit of the whole community. No Mayor can, nor should they try, to do it alone. As we begin to focus on planning for a post-pandemic economic recovery, we need to draw upon the wisdom and experience of all our community stakeholders and work together for the best interests of our City. The stakes are high and the opportunities are too important to miss out on. I strongly believe that I am the right person for this job at this moment in our City’s history to equitably support our schools, our environment, our senior citizens, our economy and lead everything our Mayor must do to help our entire community move forward. I am ready to serve on day one.

In the days and weeks ahead, Charlie plans to discuss his vision and specific changes he would bring to Framingham’s governmental operations. As someone who understands the complexities of government, Charlie plans to bring a culture of better collaboration and cooperation from the Mayor’s Office to the School Committee, City Council, legislative delegation, and neighborhood groups. Charlie feels that the inability of Mayor Yvonne Spicer’s Administration to function properly and collaborate with key community members and institutions has come with significant costs. For example, Framingham has missed out on opportunities to more rapidly help recover from the damaging impacts of COVID-19, to better advance our public education needs, to increase support and empower our Senior Citizens, to facilitate meaningful and effective green initiatives, to promote civic engagement and neighborhood-focused economic development, and to ensure that government services are both exceptional and affordable.

Throughout his career, Charlie has demonstrated the ability to work cooperatively and effectively with the best interests of the community in mind. While on the Board of Selectmen, Charlie helped lead a dedicated and competent management team that worked hard to ensure consistently excellent, affordable municipal services including public safety, education, parks and recreation, library services, health and public works. Charlie worked with a large and diverse number of our community’s many constituencies, board members, non-profits, corporate citizens, four different town managers and countless other public officials maintaining Framingham’s financial stability, an enviable and stable bond rating, adequate stabilization funds, and multiple consecutive years of reduced tax levy assessments which translated to direct savings to all taxpayers in the community each year. Charlie’s calm and collective approach to maintain strong relations and communications with all stakeholders led to numerous accomplishments our City continues to benefit from.

However, the last few years of the Spicer Administration has shown Charlie that even our great City has major problems that the Mayor has been inactive to address. Clear signs of financial mismanagement by Mayor Spicer are constantly taking taxpayer funding away from the community’s other critical needs, and opportunities are being missed. For example, ignoring and deferring crumbling infrastructure projects means that as a community, we are not taking care of some of our greatest municipal assets; failure to enact the green policy initiatives that we already decided are necessary to help protect our environment and fight climate change is moving too slow, and if we are not providing our school system with the resources our teachers and our students need to succeed, we are doing our whole community a grave disservice.

Representative Maria Robinson speaking at Old Village Hall

“For me, a campaign represents what you’re running for – and what excites me most about Charlie is everything that he brings to the table. I think he’s the right leader for this exact moment in time for what comes next in Framingham. As an advocate for clean energy, smooth traffic infrastructure, and the preservation of Greenspace, I can affirm that Charlie has the experience to collaborate with state and federal officials to get the resources we need.” – Massachusetts House Representative, Maria Robinson.

Representative Jack Patrick Lewis speaking at Old Village Hall

While Charlie’s love of Framingham is deep and his local experience is vast, Charlie has never been stuck in the past. He has always looked forward, knowing that Framingham’s best days lie ahead. As we see today, Charlie is gathering a diverse coalition not only to win but to bring our community together, to begin the healing process after decades of strife and division, and together move our families, our schools, our businesses, and our city forward.” – Massachusetts House Representative, Jack Patrick Lewis.

Adam Freudberg, School Committee Chair speaking at Old Village Hall

“I have known Charlie for many years. We currently serve on the Fuller School Building Committee together. When the building design was more expensive than we wished, Charlie brought the group together, worked with the school system, the architect, and the committee to balance out the final price without giving up on the school building we need. Charlie assessed brick by brick, floor by floor, ceiling tile by ceiling tile, looking for efficiencies and compromise. Charlie made the motion to add solar to the project, securing a higher state grant for energy efficiency. The Fuller project approval was a Framingham-Coming-Together moment. Charlie will be the first to say that it was a team effort. And Charlie made that team effort possible.” – Adam Freudberg, Framingham School Committee Chair.

Robin Kaye speaking at Old Village Hall

“I am incredibly proud to call Charlie my husband and my partner in life. Partnership has framed our marriage, and Charlie will partner with every corner of Framingham to strengthen the bonds that have made Framingham a welcoming place to live, work and bring up our families. From the northside to the southside and the east to the west, Charlie will ensure that every neighborhood in this City will be recognized, will be acknowledged, and will be respected. Family has been the anchor in both of our lives, we want the future of our grandchildren and every child in our community to be bright and full of promise.” – Robin Kaye, Director of Operations – MetroWest Jewish Day School.

Charlie looks forward to speaking with residents as a candidate for Mayor. Charlie has begun to schedule a series of meetings, coffees, neighborhood walks, and virtual forums to engage directly with voters.

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