Caring for Senior Citizens in our Community

Forced to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, our senior citizens have not been able to experience regular social interactions with their families or peers. Many of our seniors depend on various programs offered by the Callahan Senior Center. I previously served as Vice President of the Friends of Callahan and understand how important these programs are to our Seniors. I will set out to make our seniors a priority, as they are the fastest growing segment of our population.

I was disappointed to see the current Mayoral administration’s cuts for programs for our Seniors and shocked at the effort to take space away from the Callahan Senior Center. Even worse, the administration’s failure – for months – to distribute 300 donated ChromeBooks to homebound seniors during the pandemic (while the school department successfully and promptly distributed thousands of ChromeBooks district-wide to students in need in a single weekend) is a complete administrative and managerial failure- that still today has never been explained or apologized for.

Specifically, I plan to:

  • Challenge Framingham’s public agencies, businesses, cultural, educational, and religious institutions, and community groups to consider how they can change policy and practices to enhance the quality of life for our senior residents.


  • Collaborate with the Framingham Council on Aging / Callahan Center to improve the healthy aging of a broader segment of the 55 and older population of Framingham by implementing more programs.


  • Provide the coordination and support required to ensure adequate staffing and resources to serve the senior population.