Transparency, Collaboration, Fiscal Responsibility, and Common-Sense Stakeholder Engagement

As Mayor, I plan to work with the City Council as a co-equal branch of government who provides an appropriate check and balance on the Mayor’s authority.

Specifically, I plan to:

  • Greatly improve the annual budget development process. I know as a former City Councilor that collaboration and constructive critical oversight can make a Mayor, and ultimately the City more successful. I plan to hold public hearings on the annual budget, bring Department Heads into the community to hear directly from residents on what changes they seek, and make structural changes to set the City’s financial picture on a better path.


  • Attend all School Committee meetings as an Ex Officio Member, be on call for all City Council meetings without ever expecting the Council to have to vote to request the Mayor’s presence, and have office hours and a commitment to attend other Board and Commission meetings.


  • I believe the City customer service policy must be followed. The current administration has abandoned a longstanding customer service policy that required inquiries to be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. The Mayor’s new, defacto policy advises people to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request instead – this atmosphere must change to ensure that government customer services are transparent, open and respectful. When people call the Memorial Building, someone needs to answer the phone.


  • Reset and relaunch how the Mayor’s Office has been managing public records requests. I know government works best when it is transparent and accessible. The current model with constant intervention by the state requiring the Mayor to provide residents records is providing neither service to our residents, businesses, and media outlets – and is a costly model with consistent legal bills.


  • In collaboration with the City Council, School Committee, and Superintendent, propose a merger of the School Department’s Buildings and Grounds Department with the City Facilities, Capital Projects, and Sustainability Departments to increase efficiencies and create reoccurring cost savings.


  • Abide by the law – I believe in fully and completely following the state ethics, public records, and campaign finance laws and holding myself to the highest ethical standards.


  • Create a detailed plan with public inputs, as well as from boards and commissions for federal and state grants, earmarks, and programs to support our City. I believe a Mayor’s role is to facilitate a coordinated approach in order to bring in big wins for our City from our legislators. My experience and record makes me the ideal candidate to collaborate with Assistant Speaker of the House Katherine Clark, Senate President Karen Spilka, and Representatives Jack Patrick Lewis, Maria Robinson, and Carmine Gentile. I feel that the next Mayor’s term is the ideal time to take advantage of their unique seniority and potential for a variety of projects.