Charlie Sisitsky declared victory in Framingham’s mayoral election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, during which he defeated the incumbent in a well contested race. After the polls closed, the Framingham City Clerk’s Office released Unofficial Election Results tallying that Sisitsky received 8,283 votes, and Mayor Spicer received less than 4,000 votes.  

Charlie made the following speech at the Framingham Elks Lodge after Mayor Spicer called to concede the race:  

“Thank you so very much! I think I could spend the next several hours or more thanking all the people that helped make tonight’s results possible and it still wouldn’t be enough.    

First, I have to thank all the people who came out and voted, especially those who supported our message of bringing better collaboration, more cooperation and respectful, professional government back to Framingham City Hall – thank you.  

Most importantly – thank you so much to my wife Robin Kaye, my son Adam, and to our wonderful family, all of whom sacrificed so much of their time and energy to help our campaign. I could not have done any of this without you.  

To Framingham State Representatives Jack Lewis and Maria Robinson, School Committee Chair, Adam Freudberg and City Councilors, George King and Phil Ottaviani and School Committee member Ricky Finlay – you were all with me on day one! You stood up for the change we needed, you supported me and helped launch this campaign and I am forever grateful. I could not have done this without you.  

To Rick Anketell and the Carpenters’ Local 336 Union – your team worked so hard to help our team, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on my behalf. To Andy Rokes and the IAFF Local 1652 Firefighters’ Union – thank you for your support and friendship, I am so greatly appreciative.  

Thank you to LJ Carroll, Cathy Miles, Doug Stephan, Mike Grilli, Dennis Giombetti, John Stefanini, Cheryl Tully Stoll, Spencer Daniszewski, and our friends at Capital Strategic Solutions, who endured our weekly campaign meetings – thank you for all your hard work to make this happen. To City Councilor, Janet Leombruno – who took the time to bring me all over our City meeting people – I can’t thank you enough for all your work on my behalf!  

I just want to take a brief moment to say that anyone who does this job deserves some recognition, especially someone who had to lead during a pandemic. So, I’d like to acknowledge Mayor Spicer and recognize her for her dedication and efforts to our community.  

I have heard from so many people that live and work in our community, that send their kids to school here, that pay taxes here – so many people that desperately want us, in government, to do a better job of supporting public education. So many people want us to do a better job of caring for our environment. So many that want us to do a better job of looking out for our seniors. People that want us to do a better job of promoting economic development – especially for our small local businesses. People who want us to do a better job of civic engagement – getting people involved in the workings of our community. The message is clear – people want us to do a better job governing, and it starts right here and right now.   

I promise you that starting right now, as we begin planning for the next four years of making sure that Framingham’s City government is working for you. We are going to be open, accessible, transparent and most of all present – working every day.      

To my dear friends on the School Committee, I’m here to work with you every day, so let’s get to work – together. To my friends and colleagues on the City Council. I am here to work with you – so let’s get to work – together.  

To everyone out there that serves in some form or fashion on a Framingham volunteer board – whether you’re appointed or elected. I’m here to work with you, so let’s get to work – together.  

To every member of our Fire Department, our Police Department, our Department of Public Works, and to all of our tireless City employees – thank you for what you do.  You have my support and appreciation.  I am here to work with you – so let’s get to work – together!  

I mean it when I say to all of you: I need your input, your help, your ideas, your time and your commitment to working together to make Framingham work better for all of us who live and work here, and it starts now.”  

– Charlie Sisitsky, Mayor-Elect

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